Roger la Borde & COVID-19

Roger la Borde & COVID-19

Dear Friends,

In these uncertain times we hope you are all well, safe and connected to your loved ones. This is a strange and difficult time for all of us. Many of our wonderful stockists are having to close their doors, unsure of when they will reopen. The Roger la Borde team is passionate about coming together to help protect and safeguard all of our customers.

We are determined to continue to create and sell beautiful products for you all. Stationery can be a ray of sunshine on gloomy days, whether it's taking time to write a journal entry, or receiving a card from a friend. We plan to continue filling your lives with stationery sunshine.

At present our delivery network is operating as normal. As long as it is safe and possible to do so, we will continue to fulfil orders from our online shop. Keep your eyes peeled for a few fun treats from us along the way, to keep all of our spirits up.

Very best wishes,
The Roger la Borde Team


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